Emir of Ilorin Zulu Gambari
Emir of Ilorin Zulu Gambari

Emir Welcomes Ilorin Emirate for Development

The caretaker committee of Ilorin Emirate for Development led by AbdulRauph AbdulSalam today Thursday 23rd, January, 2020 paid a familiarisation visit to our Father The Emir of Ilorin Alh. Dr. Ibrahim Sulu Gambari CFR to inform the Emir about the existence of the group.

AbdulRauph AbdulSalam in his introductory message give a brief background that necessitate the formation of Ilorin Emirate For Development, the composition of the caretaker committee and its terms of reference while Alh. Tajudeen Oleshin state the aims and objectives of the group which among the following

1) To promote unity and oneness of the people of Ilorin Emirate

2) To strive for Progress and Development of Ilorin Emirate

3) To mobilise support for our tradition and cultural heritage

4) To liaise with the Federal, State and Local Governments in the area of security, infrastructural development, Employment and Empowerment of our citizens.

The Emir of Ilorin in his remarks appreciate caretaker committee for coming up at the time we needed to solidify the unity of Ilorin Emirate. Emir make reference to the contributions of all other groups in Ilorin Emirate for promoting our tradition and peaceful coexistence. He charged the caretaker committee to focus more on the unity of Ilorin Emirate, that at this time we must not allow our unity to be threatened by whatever means.

Emir thanks and pray for late General AbdulKareem Adisa for his role that brought Ilorin Yidi Praying ground to a national standard, he called for proper maintenance and security surveillance of the Yidi praying ground in Ilorin. Noted that in recent time ungodly activities are being perpetrated within the premises of the Yidi praying ground. The Emir asked Ilorin Emirate For Development to look into a possible way of changing the narration of what’s presently happening in Ilorin Yidi praying ground. Emir also charged the caretaker committee to reach out to appropriate authorities on the issue of cemetery (Ite) that the present Muslim cemetery has already filled up to its capacity urging the caretaker committee to make it as one of their priorities for Ilorin Emirate to new sites for the cemetery.

In conclusion Emir of Ilorin Alh. Dr. Ibrahim Sulu Gambari CFR pray for Ilorin Emirate For Development to attain success in all its endeavours. He commit members to the hand of Almighty Allah’s guidance and protection.

On the final note, the Emir and members of caretaker committee agreed to stage the takeoff prayer for the operation and activities of Ilorin Emirate For Development at Ilekewu in the premises of the palace of the Emir of Ilorin at the date to be announce by the caretaker committee. As a mark of honour, caretaker committee presented to Emir, the Holy Quran and Certificate of designation of the Emir as the Grand Patron of Ilorin Emirate For Development.

AbdulRauph AbdulSalam
Secretary General
Ilorin Emirate For Development