Stop Using Women and Children For Terrorist Acts- CISA

child-soldiers child labour
child-soldiers child labour

A civil society advocacy group engaged in creating and spreading security awareness among Nigerians,  Citizens Initiative for Security Awareness (CISA) have cried out against terrorists using innocent women and children for the perpetration of terrorism activities.


Speaking at an interactive media forum organised by I-Nigerian Initative in Abuja, National Coordinator of CISA, Comrade Chidi Omeje noted with grave concern, the horrendous act of using vulnerable women and children by the Boko Haram terrorist group to commit terrorist acts.


Concerned about young female suicide bombers detonating improvised explosive devices in killing scores of innocent citizens, CISA considered the new trend as barbaric.


“We consider this new trend by the terror group as unconscionable, callous, barbaric act that represents the worst kind of crime against humanity,” he declared.


According to Omeje, investigations on the recent bomb explosions in different parts of the north shockingly revealed that they were exploded by young women and girls who were strapped with explosive devices, some unconsciously,  obviously by the terrorist group.


“Also, over the weekend, security operatives paraded a 13 year old girl strapped with explosive device who was on a deadly mission to bomb away her life and that of unsuspecting members of the public.


“We have no doubt in our minds that these hapless women and children who are made to embark on such deadly missions do so out of compulsion ,through brain washing, drug inducement, ignorance or intimidation by those who conscripted them for that purpose. The perpetrators of this heinous crime now find it easy to use the vulnerable women and children to commit such terrible crime by exploiting their vulnerability and gullibility.”


He therefore, implored parents and guardians to know that times are indeed strange and dangerous, and as such, must closely monitor their children and wards by knowing the company they keep and the places they visit.


“Parents must ensure that their children do not receive parcels or objects from people they do not know. They should know that it is dangerous to allow their loved ones run errands for strange persons or persons they hardly know. More importantly, every citizen should cultivate the virtue of reporting suspicious movement of persons or objects to the nearest security agency. This is the only way we can assist the security forces to stamp out terrorism in our beautiful land,” the CISA coordinator stated.


While reiterating his group’s belief that Nigeria and indeed Nigerians will soon surmount the current insecurity prevalent in parts of the country, Omeje advised “we must all remain steadfast and supportive of our government and security forces in the fight against these agents of darkness. We are sure that the good must ultimately triumph over evil.”


The Coordinator of I-Nigerian Initiative, Ada Stalla Apiafi also urged Nigerians to be extra vigilant in this seasonal and critical period by remaining security alerts and conscious at all time.


Apiafi said: “We are in a seasonal and critical period of Xmas and new year festivities at a period of crucial electioneering campaigns. Every Nigerian must be vigilant and support the relevant authorities against activities of criminal elements towards a prosperous and peaceful new year.”

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