1. I gone contact President Barack Obama, John Forbes Kerry, CIA, DIA and Secret Service now because EFCC arrested my bankmanager from Coris Bank INTERNATIONAL in Benin last week and say that he does money laundry but that person how is the scammer in this are someone at your tax office because I paid him €299 Euro for sending my card and after I had pay those money he wanted €987 Euro more and $200.000 USD dollar under the table so I gone contact CIA, DIA, Secret Service, John Forbes Kerry and President Barack Obama how is my personal friend so they are gone arresting everyone how is is involved in this and President Barack Obama and John Forbes Kerry was down in August last year and Warning Nigera Government that if you not get stop with scam, fraud and thrathing people to pay so do they stop all economic help and business blockade and that is was gone happen now because now have I get inoff to be scammed, fraud and thrathing to pay so President Barack Obama and John Forbes Kerry are gone coming to Nigeria Government and tell them that you are isolated from the rest of the world now.

  2. And noone that me that I shall be arrested in London for money laundry because the bad boys are in Nigeria and I belongs to Swedish Royalty family and I’m personally friend with President Barack Obama and John Forbes Kerry so arresting your own tax manager how have my card with $4.4 million USD because that’s an found that is my how I have gotten because of I have been scammed from Benin, Togo and Nigeria and someone took $50 million USD from my company and those money get stolen at Heathrow Airport 5 years ago and I have pay over $10 million USD and not get a cent back yet so do gone do a hell for for every one in Nigeria how is involved in this scam agin me and Nigeria Government gone get to answer everything infront of President Barack Obama and John Forbes Kerry when they come back to Nigeria and ask you why you didn’t done everything about this found, scamming and thrathing people to pay money under the tabel, so I gotten contact my mother’s cusin how are Highest judge in Swedish Government High Court so do I sue Nigeria Government on Billions of USD because you don’t abuse me for nothing that is true.


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