The Honorable minister of Aviation, Osita Chidoka in his quest for fairness to all stakeholders, and his penchant for continuous and sustained development in the aviation industry in pursuant of the transformation agenda of the Jonathan administration enchant has has extended the ultimatum earlier given by him to  revoke Flight Operations Clearance Certificate (FOCC) and Maintenance Clearance Certificate (MCC) of all foreign registered privately owned aircraft operating commercial charters, instead of their NCAA authorization for private (Not for hire or reward)operations within Nigeria.
The extension was given recently in his office in Abuja where he met with the Aircraft Operators Association of Nigera (AOAN).
The minister said, effective March 1, 2015, all foreign registered private category aircraft that are listed on the OpSpec Part G of some Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holders, must be removed from the status by NCAA. Consequently, the aircraft operations will remain grounded, until NCAA approves an alternative operational status for the aircraft.
Consequent upon this earlier directive and eventual compliance by NCAA at the expiration of the ultimatum, the members of AOAN visited the minister at his instance upon receiving a letter from them asking to meet with him.
The General Secretary, Capt. Mohammed Joji, in his opening remarks said the purpose of their visit was to appeal to the government to give them a 120 day window upon expiration of the earlier deadline to enable the members to regularize their operational documents.
Capt. Joji debunked the impression that the activities of the privately owned aircraft operator is responsible for a reduction in the revenue of the government, instead, he said they contribute more to the revenue of the government more than any one else.
The Permanent Secretary of the ministry of aviation, Alhaji Mohammed Abass, while announcing the extension of 90days as against the 120 sought by AOAN on behalf of the minister said, it still holds that no private jet will be allowed to operate without authorization within the extension period.
The Secretary, AOAN in his reaction said they were happy for the magnanimity of the government, pledging that members will regularize their documents within this period.
Defaulter, according to him will be heavily sanctioned.


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