1. The opinion expressed by the NSA (now former) is germane. Unfortunately every individual security personnel has an agenda, which is personal to them. The idea, intension and objective of any action at the Policy/Tactical Level of Command may be miscarried during implementation by the officers at the operational command level. That is betraying the Tactical policy actions in the security platform by the operational field security personnel across board. I am a professional disaster manager and a humanitarian worker. I am always in the North East roads during my humanitarian service delivery. Sometimes when you encounter some security operatives who are civil also , you would hail the thinking at the tactical command level, but the contrary if the action is otherwise. No gain denying the fact that some security personnel are already cut out for the type of Car or house they will build with the proceed from Road Blocks, if they are made to remain in such posting, say, for just three Months. It is disgusting what travelers experience on the Nigerian roads from the banditry of some of our security operatives. In Adamawa State,Where I just returned, for instance, travelers label Military Road Blocks as ATM Machine. I think there is a disconnect between the field operations personnel and those of the Tactical Command levels. We should all look inwards and fortify the nation’s security architecture for effectiveness.


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