1. No sympathisies for you, at all. You really did not get the correct orientation and training as a Journalist. Neither did your Editor or immediate supervisor who should necessarily cross-check the work of a neophyte like you. Can you imagine trekking from Maryland to Ojuelegba to NMushin through Matori to Toyota Bus stop on Apapa Oshodi express just to cover the protests of the June 12 election? Or trekking from Agidingbin road to Toyin Street at 11 pm just to cross-check records at the Daily Times library for your paper’s production the next day. That is what journalism used to be in my time.
    But what do we have today, idle hands who just cobble internet rumors together in the name of journalism. If you refute or disclaim their lies, they simply tell bigger and bigger lies to cover up their track. That s why today our country survives on heaps and heaps of lies and half-truths. It is really tragic because people who commit errors simply refuse to admit their errors or apologize. Just check it if any Nigerian writer has apologized for any flawed conclusions or erroneous views canvassed that may have misled readers. That’s why I find your confession quite interesting. Your Editor should have parceled your query for delivery on the day you resume instead of ruining your honeymoon. He was careless and unprofessional because he is responsible for all things published in his paper not you.


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