1. Estimate the monetary value of yield of both rice and wheat for next harvest season and reduce the foreign exchange equivalent that would be issued to importers of these products for the same period.
    Amount saved should be invested in the local wheat and rice sector for future harvest seasons. Local millers should be encouraged to provide the products in large quantity as well as acceptable quality. The process should be continued, until we wake up one day to find Nigeria no longer imports these products.

    As for government-driven grazing fields for our cattle rearers, a much more lasting approach would be to provide farmers across many states with grass seedlings and encourage them to grow and package fodder for onward sales to the target rearers who must be domiciled in designated ranches. The model of the American cattle ranch should be copied and developed here. Government can no longer provide everything for free. After all the animals are sold for money and there is a high and constant demand for meat products. We must commercialise the process so as to prevent the constant crisis that involve loss of lives. That way, farmers could diversify into cultivating fodder and a new source of income could be established.


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