1. First step for following government of men and godfathers rather than government of laws and constitution.
    Now, nigeria a ‘fantastic corrupted’ nation, as branded ,internationaly, by the present government. Not only in monetary aspect, but in morals and obeying the rule of laws and stipulated constitutions. Keep up Federal Government. There is always an end to celeberation.

  2. Justice Affen must explain how much bribes he has received to seek detention of the head of EFCC.. If the EFCC is a prosecuting agent of the constitution, where does Affen derive the authorities to detain Magu ? Judge Affen, should mind the love and affection Nigerians have for Magu and the importance of his work. Chief Justice Muhammed must step in this issue. Nigerians do not care whose toes are stepped on or whose ox or gored by the EFCC. Affen needs to be removed from the bench as his interest in the corruption cases before him has been to favor the thieves and embezzlers. Judges like him and Ademola are part of the reasons corruption is hard to fight and making President Buhari ‘s fight more different. This is the main reaso Chief Justice Muhammed need to constitute a separate court to prosecute EFCC and ICPC cases. Nigeria judges are the ones frustrating every effort by the EFCC to prosecute and jail crooks being prosecuted. Judge Affen attempt to detain Magu for contempt shows how corruption is fighting back in Nigeria. What a hopeless situation for Nigerians seeking justice.

    • So judges should not be on the side of the law,bcoz no matter how the law enforcement agencies fight this war on corruption,they should be OK
      Pls let’s be reasonable,realising that by now,Nigeria should be a good example to other African countries

  3. May Almighty God bless the Judge for not getting intimidated by gestaponic EFCC and their forces to be fair and justice in the ruling. If Nigeria can have such fearless and courageous judges in the system all the bravagado and unneccesary harrasment will stop

  4. When will the EFCC and the police be folowing the rule of law and due process with disobedience to court of law. Can the country continue like this? We must tell ourselves the naked truth and nothing but the truth


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