1. Yes; there is need for agitation for Nigeria project to break-up for every Nigerian common good if going by what is going on by President Muhammadu Buhari moslem ideological regime governance methods, because General Ibrahim Babangida and General Sani Abacha has for a long time ago has had already broken-up Nigeria and today the country, Nigeria, is only just existing on the mere ‘surface’ and hanging-on on the edge or fringes. General Ibrahim Babangida registered Nigeria, a secular nation, into Islamic International Organisation in the middle-east abroad despite on the strong face of other religion like Christianity faithfuls and others, and the continue marginalization with impunity against Nigerian Christians in particular mostly from the Middle-Belt zone, and besides, these states like Nasarawa, Kogi, Adamawa, Taraba, Kebbi and Kaduna state where Christians political candidates were not allow to win the Governorship post, when at any giving election period if any christian candidate does happens to win a governorship election contest, it would be taken away by force in favour of a moslem candidate preference through the firmed connivance with other northern moslem cults powerful groups working inside the Federal Government departments and their cult moslem members also in-charge of INEC -(electoral commission whole body). These are laid down incidences that calls for disintegration of Nigeria and succession deep demands. The Northern moslems politician are never sincere as what comes out from their mouth or what they always say to the whole Nigeria that is very different from the actual frame of their inner thoughts or faculty of mind thinking. Nigeria Christians have had been psychologically inflicted and viciously terrorized by majority of msolems past leaders and it is still continuing up till today by President Muhammadu Buhari and his band of Islamic fanatics against the Christians in Nigeria. Also, Moslems military personnel have been sabotaging efforts to defeating Boko Haram evil and deadliest and murderous and human beings’ blood suckers and killers by the Nigeria Government. General Turkur Burutai is one of them before he was made Chief of staff. Three hundreds and sixty numbers of Christians were burnt alive and a few were buried alive too for voodoo and fetish and human sacrifices by Northern politicians who were supplied ‘human body parts’ by Boko Haram for their voodoo personal interest to gain political big appointments by President Muhammadu Buhari.

  2. Nigeria projects is not working when a whole zone of Northern zones only they do by all the times, (from generations to generations), continue to desecrating their other fellow Nigerians citizens on grounds of their Islamic religion, strong beliefs. Boko Haram successfully strives rapidly and spread their evil and bloodiest insurgency and wanton destructive attacks in the Nigeria’s North-east zone due to some moslem military personnel that took it very seriously as their individualized top priority of their Islamic religion beliefs which comes first well above their national military duties and assignments towards defeating the evil and murderous groups of Boko Haram sects. Christians living in South-South and Middle-Belt region cannot freely lives in majority Northern regions like Kano, Katsina, Jigawa and host of others in that Northern region areas. So, why is the need to considers oneself as a Nigerian but do not have the rights to live anywhere in the entire country but only to be killed or murder on ground of Islamic faith religion. Every Friday of each week in Nigeria that Islam prayers time does create blocking of importance cities’ traffic streets and roads, while damaging free-flows of economics activities for others who are not moslems. Therefore, Nigeria projects is not working and need to be separated for everyone good. Huge human resources potentials were been wasted away annually due to Islamic ideological decisions being practice and daily use as personal sentiments by Moslems leaders, Heads of Nigeria organisations, police establishment, DSS, SSS, military and others. Nigeria must dis-integrate, if our Northern moslems brothers and sisters do not stop using their ideological Islamic beliefs in discharging their federal Government responsibilities to all of the entire Nigeria people with different religion and ethnics inclinations..

  3. It is right that it is about time that Nigeria project of living together is no longer beneficial to all Nigeria citizens of today. It is better to divide for the common good for all.

  4. Nigeria project is not longer working any longer and therefore it is far better separate into South-South, South-East, South-West, Middle-Belt, North-West, and North-East


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