1. How can Nigeria Army deny the fact? The evidence are foundable. The video and other resources that proof the facts are there for everyone. This era is not 19 or 18 century when there were no social media. So Nigeria military forces must be held responsible for killing IPOB Biafran. .There is Doubt that Nigerian government have been known for being deceptive and denying facts. I think the spoke person for the Army should watch the video of their mass killings . It is better he acknowledge the fact than humiliating the Army before the public.

  2. How can you avert threat by killing? Which countries around the word has Army being used to control public unrest? when has a gathering for prayer becomes a threat ? Nigerian Army has not been able to vindicate herself. There is a clear objective of ethnic cleansing of Biafran. But Nigeria federal government under Mohammed Buhari is culpable of the atrocities committed at varying time. Nigerian military forces must be made to face the law through her commandant. For agitation to surface, there must be a clear reason for that. Biafran agitation for self-determination is not different from agitation in other indigenous people in other countries. Just recently California state ,the people there have stated that they will seek independence comes 2017, for making such statement has not invited the anger of Obama to order police or army to shoot them. in Catalonia, even in Britain, so the case of Nigeria must thoroughly investigate. Unity of people is not by force. The reason Biafran wanted to pull out from Nigeria in 1966 has not stopped ever as it is on continual basis right from 1945 till our present generation. My observation and reservation are that Nigeria government must be made to face the law once Biafra is restore and all the commanders of the army,police,navy and other security agents during this time of killing must be held to face the law.


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