1. There is a senseless provision in the law called competent court and jurisdiction. Regardless of where a crime ic committed, the government must be able to prosecute in any court. Jurisdiction is now a ploy used by crooks to route their prosecution to a favorable judge, who had been compromised and “settled “. The EFCC should prosecute any crook in whatever court it deems fit. This reader does not share in bestowing any accolades to OBJ. He tried to amend the constitution through bribery to secure a third te as president. Is was an act that should have had him impeached and rendered irrelevant in Nigerian politics . Past three administrations collected more oil revenues in Nigeria ?? history . It also recorded the greatest bribery and corruption indexes and the largest looting of NNPC funds. These are the funds currently being recovered by Magu and his NNPC. This is why the current crop of thieves in the senate do not want him confirmed. President Buhari and Osibanjo MUST insist on his nomination. He has brought credibility to the current government and its fight against corruption and institutionalized looting.


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