1. When last week I saw on the telly the images of Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi as well as parts of the Mainland submerged in water, I literally hid my head in shame and wondered what the governor and his aides might be thinking. The only time I felt like covering my head in shame was when the state government under military governor Raji Rasaki, goaded on by then head of state Ibrahim Babangida, bulldozed Maroko and sent thousands of its inhabitants into the streets of Lagos. For months they and their little ones were photographed by the news media of the world complete with rolled up mattresses on their heads agonising as they roam the streets complete with rolled up mattresses on their heads in search of shelter. 27 years after, they are still marching, this time for the illusive justice.
    Lagos State has waited too long before swinging into action to pull down such structures built over main water channels that criss cross the state.
    The Nigerian “State of Excellence” and Africa’s Fourth largest economy must rise up and fight off this shame, by putting in place decent and lasting solutions to this menace.
    N24.5 billion monthly – amount creamed up from IGR alone – should be enough to sort the problem over a period of two to three years. This project is far more important than the 4th Mainland Bridge. No more excuses, please.


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