NIM salutes Obasanjo for endorsing Third Force Movement for Nigeria
The Nigeria Intervention Movement NIM wishes to salute the political acumen and vision of Former President of Nigeria and Elderstateman, Olusegun Obasanjo, who today in a most decisive manner called on all Nigerians to immediately join forces to bring about a Coalition for Nigeria; a political Third Force Movement that will rescue the country from the impunity and inertia of the two dominant parties in Nigeria; PDP and APC
By this statement today, the NIM asserts that the validity of the third force initiative of the Nigeria Intervention Movement NIM has once again been further proven by the Elderstateman and Former President, who is not known to be associated with frivolous commentary about Nigeria
It will be recalled that Obasanjo in a most dramatic dimension earlier today charged Nigerians to henceforth seek for their political and economic salvation in the direction of a political third force outside the two dominant parties in Nigeria; PDP and APC, whom he said have both grossly disappointed the people of Nigeria
NIM affirms that Obasanjo’s historic clarion call to the Nation at its formative stage has profoundly validated the initiave of NIM’s Conveners to facilitate an all inclusive, non partisan pan Nigerian political third force to rescue the country from the impunity and lack lustre performance of traditional political elites in the PDP and APC among others
While endorsing and applauding OBJ historic statement on the way forward for Nigeria in the march towards the 2019, NIM wishes to clearly states its resolve to embrace the strategic counsel contained in the Elderstateman treaties on how the emergent Movement can rally and work with other Movements in building a major Coalition for Nigeria to save Nigerians from an inert political leadership
To this end, the leadership of NIM shall be ready, in the succeeding weeks, to enter into strategic talks and alliance with more platforms sharing similar philosophy and ideology towards the consolidation of the much desired Coalition for Nigeria advocated by the Former President
Solidarity Forever!
Victoria Acerta!
Mallam Naseer Kura
Deputy Director General
(Media, Communications, Publicity)
Nigeria Intervention Movement


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