Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida IBB
Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida IBB
Why We Appointed Wole Soyinka to Head FRSC 30 Years Ago- IBB
A Goodwill Message on 30th Anniversary of FRSC
I am most delighted that the Federal Road Safety Corps is marking its 30th year of existence. Like most Nigerians, I want to share in the glory of this occasion and to congratulate the Corps Marshal and the entire staff of the organization for their worthy achievements over the years.
In a national environment where institutions tend to be short lived and rise or  fall with the fortunes of changing dispensations, it is gratifying that the FRSC is one institution that has weathered the storm of changing times and administrations. Not only has it survived, it has indeed grown into a permanent feature of our national landscape.
Throughout the length and breadth of our nation, the presence of FRSC officers and operatives on our highways reassures our travelling public and reinforces the belief that we are all united in the commitment to prevent or at least significantly reduce the loss of lives on our roads and highways.
I recall with pride that the FRSC came into being under our stewardship at the helm of our national life. Prior to its establishment, the level of carnage on our roads and highways had become unacceptable. It was a matter of serious concern to Nigerians and indeed the international community.
We rose to the occasion, inspired by the our concern for the protection of human lives and the pursuit of the common good. There was a noble example to draw from in the good work that had been done in the old Oyo State under the pioneering leadership of our dear Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka.
Our administration summoned Professor Soyinka to higher national service as the founding Corps Marshall of the FRSC.
I am proud to say that the basic foundation of discipline, firmness and commitment to humanitarian service was laid at this initial period. No doubt, subsequent leaderships of the FRSC have brought to the organization glaring innovations, increased zeal and heightened commitment.
The size of the corps has increased in line with the increase in our population and the volume of traffic on our roads. More gratifying, the national spread and presence of the FRSC can now be felt all over our country.
Even those who initially doubted its necessity and efficacy can now testify to the drastic reduction in Nigeria’s road traffic accidents and therefore the attendant casualties. We all ought to be proud that the negative publicity that our high road traffic accident rate and casualty figures used to attract is no longer a concern.
For its achievements over the last three decades, we congratulate the FRSC. For its humanitarian work of saving lives and assisting those in need of emergency assistance in accident situations, the FRSC deserves the gratitude of ordinary Nigerians.
In the years ahead, I urge the FRSC to remain faithful to its founding principles. It must remain a dynamic organization, one that embraces the challenges of our changing world to meet the needs and expectations of an increasingly sophisticated public. Above all, the FRSC must rise to the challenges posed by new technologies and their application to road safety. These adaptations are imperative if the corps is to survive in our new world as a truly relevant national institution.
Once again, to the leadership and staff of the FRSC, please accept my sincere best wishes as you celebrate your 30th anniversary in the service of our people and to the glory and upliftment of our great nation.
Gen. Ibrahim Babangida GCFR
Former Military President and Commander-in-Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces.
19th February, 2018


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