1. The attention of the Kwara State Ministry of Justice has been drawn to a story published by an online medium that the suspected cultists arrested and interrogated by the Police in Ilorin and recommended for trial by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) but suddenly transferred to Police Headquarters, Abuja, had in their statement indicted some top personalities.

    2. We want to state categorically that there is no iota of truth in the said story. Our belief that the said story is false arose from the fact that the summary of the statement voluntarily made by the suspects and on the basis of which they were recommended for trial in Ilorin is contained in the press statement read by the Police Commissioner on May 10, 2018. We maintain that there was no portion of the press statement where the suspects were said to have indicted any top personality.

    3. For emphasis, let us restate the fact that on the basis of the statement obtained from the accused, the Police had issued a statement read publicly at the May 10 press conference in the state capital and there was no mention of their naming or implicating any top government officials at the state or federal level.

    4. The State Ministry of Justice had in fact filed charges in the High Court against the accused persons and we stand by the pending charges and the trial process already lawfully initiated in Ilorin.

    5. We hereby call on the members of the public to disregard and ignore the publication as the medium on which it appeared is widely known to suffer credibility problem.

    6. At no time was any influence whatsoever exercised to pervert the course of justice, nor monetary transaction nor was any pecuniary benefit transfer made between the learned DPP and the Commissioner of police on behalf of the president of the senate or the Governor of Kwara state. Also, at no time ever since, resumption of duties of Commissioner of police to Ilorin has there been any opportunity whatsoever, between the learned the DPP and Commissioner of Police to have any discussion whatsoever. All insinuations relating to undue influence by offer of gratifications or any means of influence whatsoever are mere figments of imagination and misguided attempts of those bent on tarnishing the image of the learned DPP, JIMOH ADEBIMPE MUMINI Esq. for political gains.

    7. The Commissioner of police or the authors of the defamatory articles aimed at tarnishing the image of the learned DPP are therefore invited to make public any evidence of any discussion or transaction whatsoever between the Commissioner of Police and the learned DPP, MR. J.A MUMINI aimed influencing or subverting the course of justice in this direction.

    8. The authors of the defamatory article equally challenged to make public any evidence of corruption, or professional misconduct whatsoever on the part of the learned DPP through his long and meritorious years of unblemished legal service in the Kwara state public service.

    9. The learned DPP has successfully prosecuted and continues to prosecute highly celebrated and notorious criminals without any preference on behalf of Kwara state government and the Government of the Federation, some of whom are presently in jail or sentenced death. The records are available and verifiable by the public from the various law reports throughout the federation.

    Mr. Jimoh Mumini
    Director of Public Prosecution
    Kwara State Ministry of Justice


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