Ex-Gov Yero Frees 31 Prison Inmates in Kaduna
Following the arraignment of the former governor of kaduna state His Excellency, Dr Mukhtar Ramalan Yero and four others by the EFCC on 31 May 2018 and later remanded by the Federal High Court over charges related to the receipt of 2015 Presidential campaign funds, Dr Mukhtar Ramalan Yero in his usual characteristics has settled the fines of thirty -one inmates serving various jail terms for different offenses at the Kaduna central prison.
The gesture is in line with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW especially during the holy month of Ramadan to assist the needy by providing succur to them.
The 31 inmates were convicted with option of fine while others with both option of fine and compensation and because they could not pay, hence their conviction.
His Excellency, Dr Mukhtar Ramalan Yero is a compassionate person with full milk of human kindness sees his remand at the Kaduna Central prison as reason to secure the liberty and freedom of 31 people already convicted.
He admonish the inmates to be of good behaviour urging them to reflect on the good lessons they have learnt while in prison custody in order to become good citizens. The 31 in mates include women and men and from both faiths.
former Finance Commissioner under Yero


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