Senator Makarfi
Senator Makarfi

Makarfi Condemns Siege on NASS

The siege on the National Assembly yesterday, by armed men of the DSS signposted a new low that anti democracy agents seem ready to bring our country and its democratic processes to. As Nigerians grieve over this heinous and unforgivable show of desperation and impunity, Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi finds it necessary to once again commiserate and identify with, not only the leadership and members of the National Assembly, but also the entire peace loving and democratic Nigerians, even as he once again urges us all to come together and rally round our democracy as it comes under this unfortunate assault.

The Senator reaffirms his belief in the inalienable rights of all Nigerians to legitimately belong to whatever platform they wish to identify with, without let or hinderance from any quarters. These rights, enshrined by not only our constitution, but also so many other international conventions must be respected by all, especially a government, which itself is a product and beneficiary of same. All forms of intimidation and persecution against people doing nothing other than exercising their God-given and constitutional rights must stop forthwith.

Senator Makarfi commends the decisiveness with which the Acting President, Professor Osinbajo addressed yesterday’s invasion of the National Assembly but believes that we should go beyond that by ensuring that the masterminds and all connected with that disgusting violation of our constitution as well as previous attempts, which brought ridicule to the nation and made us a laughing stock in the comity of civilized nations, are made to pay for it in accordance with our laws.

Senator Makarfi reiterates his call to Nigerians to, as they clamour for restructuring, insist that it must include the taking of a holistic look at our institutions and all agencies of state, with a view to reorienting them to be loyal to, and serve the state as opposed to what obtains now, which is serving the whims and caprices of political leaders.


Mukhtar Zubairu Sirajo


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