Late Cpl Dada Momodu
Late Cpl Dada Momodu

Cpl Momodu: A Tribute to Intelligence Soldier By General Olukolade

The loss of Corporal Momodu Dada, my former Orderly is another painful loss. A very fine soldier indeed, he died in battle recently, in the ongoing war on terror.

This soldier is just unique in loyalty, intelligence, uprightness, confidence, and patriotism.

We were so happy together when I attended his wedding last December as he succeeded in securing a pass to come to Abuja for the purpose of the wedding. He returned to his duty post almost immediately after the event and remained in constant touch with me.

On 6 February 2018, he sent a text to me enquiring after the welfare of every member of my family.

Then this shocking news from one of his colleagues who sent me a text last Sunday saying, “Sir, Dada is no more. He died yesterday!”

Momodu has become a member of my family. He was with me and served with me through thick and thin.

He loves and serves God most faithfully. His testimony remains most inspiring. Momodu excelled, coming first and leading the class in virtually all the military courses he attended.

Because of his eloquence and intelligence, this fine soldier was often chosen to speak for his unit both within and outside Nigeria. This is a soldier am always proud to call my boy.

Now, along with his aged mother, young wife , many siblings, the Nigerian Army and the nation am left to mourn this fine soldier! I trust God to comfort us all.

Good night, my beloved boy, Cpl Dada Momodu. See you on resurrection morn!

Major General Chris Olukolade (Rtd)
Former Director Defence Information