Abubakar Malami

FG Hinges on Importance of OGP for National prosperity

The Honorable Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice (HAGF) Abubakar Malami (SAN) has said that the fight against corruption using the Open Government Partnership (OGP) platform is one of the efforts that the government is making to enthrone accountability and national prosperity.
Malami made this statement at the 6th Open Government Partnership (OGP) National Steering Committee Meeting in Abuja on Friday 15 March. 2019.
‘’It is a journey that will take them from transparency and openness to the National prosperity. But the road may be bumpy and rough, we may sometimes stumble and make mistakes but we will get to our destination of shared prosperity if we do not relent’’.
Representing the HAGF, Director Budget and National Planning / Incoming Co-chair OGP Nigeria Dr. Ann Nzegwu explained that their membership of OGP continues to affirm government effort to deepen institutional reform and strengthen the measures of corruption.
“Taking a look at the agenda of this meeting, every item is important as Nigeria is about to end this first circle with the government, the review of the second circle is in progress and Nigeria will meet the stipulated time for the submission of the new plan to the international OGP Secretariat”.
The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed in his opening remarks notified the National Steering Committee(NSC) members, of Government plan to refocus on the e- Government agenda for Nigeria through a holistic and citizen-centric development of ICT in Governance rather than the erstwhile individualistic approach.
The Minister further stressed the need for a continuous collaboration between the Ministry and the OGP National Secretary in the actualization of the plan.
He urged members of the NSC to pay a visit to the e-Government facility, adding that the OGP would be sustained even if there would be change in Government by May 29, 2019.
He emphasized that the International body and more states have keyed in and it has added to the sustainability of the OGP.
Executive Director, Media Rights Agenda and Co-Chair of the NSC Edetaen Ojo in his remarks explained that the Secretariat of the OGP Nigeria is undergoing a re-structuring to enable it respond more effectively and efficiently to the current needs of OGP Nigeria.
Ojo further explained that the initiative is growing and many states are coming on board with a lot of activities being planned to engage Governance at the sub-national level.
According to him, ‘’the OGP is the symbol of Governance reforms, based on the principles of transparency, accountability and citizen participation. The secretariat is the engine room of this initiative and must itself embody and reflect these principles, it certainly must be able to meet the information needs of its diverse stakeholders and be responsive to their various interest’’.
He also explained that the Secretariat in its present state simply cannot cope with the demands of this new reality. He stressed that it lacks the staff capacity and many of its procedures and mechanisms are still being developed, is an aspect of their operations in urgent need of attention.
The Executive Director said that the National Steering Committee would also be experiencing a transition in the course of the year; certainly new co-chairs would take over the affairs of OGP Nigeria sometime around June 2019.
He added that how the process is managed can also have an impact on the fortunes of the OGP in Nigeria.
In her remarks, the representative of the State Actors Co-Chair, Dr. Anne Nzegwu noted that Nigeria has experienced significant challenges and laudable changes since the implementation of the first circle on the National Action Plan (NAP).
Nzegwu urged everyone to continue in their efforts to uphold the integrity of the Nation.

Ogochukwu Igboamalu
For; Deputy Director
Fed. Min. of Justice