Festus Adedayo
Festus Adedayo

Needless Furore on the Appointment of Festus Adedayo

Media practitioners especially image makers are like the doctors and lawyers, they exist for everyone- their loyalty is for service delivery. That Adedayo writes in vitriolic posture of the present regime does not make him an enemy of president Buhari and the APC. Real patriots are not necessarily the ones who applaud the goods in government but those who points out the ills in governance are also revered patriots, anyone, one should have around. Tactical of the Senate president, he has poached Adedayo to bring to bear his acerbic insights into the business of governance.

Those who worked for change shouldn’t feel bad, the beauty of democracy is inclusiveness, nothing smoothens progress like piloting the plane of change with all Nigerians on board. The big picture is the next level of success. Nigeria is ours to make great, in doing so, we must embrace everyone irrespective of his or her personal leanings or idiosyncrasies.

Beyond the furore, is Adedayo qualified to manage the communication unit of the Senate president? Using all measurable indices, there is no denying the fact that he is eminently qualified. In his kitty is a man with infectious credentials of fascinating media services and experiences. With a PhD in political communication, this media enigma has transverse all the available terrains of media experience.

Lets congratulate Senate President Ahmed Lawal for appointing Dr. Festus Adedayo (Phd) as his spokesperson.

As Yushau Shuaib succinctly painted, ‘Adedayo is one of the finest, fearless, courageous and erudite Columnists in Nigeria. His weekly column in the Nigerian Tribute *FLICKERS* is must read well-informed commentary on national issues. It is disappointing to read posts by some social media critics describing Festus Adedayo as *Buhari Insulter* because of some past articles. They should have added “Jonathan Insulter,” “Obasanjo Insulter,” “Ngozi Insulter,” “Patience-Jonathan Insulter,” “Yoruba Insulter,” “Igbo Insulter,” “Fulani Insulter” among other personalities and groups he has critised in his columns.

As a political communicator, he had served meritoriously as Spokesperson to Governors of Enugu (Ebeano), Ondo (Agagu), Oyo (Ajimobi) among others. A seasoned journalist and public commentator with an acerbic pen and disdain for injustice and social disorder, Adedayo graduated from University of Lagos with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy; Master’s degree in Political Science from University of Ibadan; and PhD in Political Communication, University of Ibadan all with distinctions.

We must commend the Senate President for appointing one of the very best political communicators for the job.’.

And this is a huge lesson for those who write with venom and maintain very obstinate dogmatism. I’m sure, Dr Festus will be regretting his hardening stance against the All Progressives Congress and President Muhammadu Buhari. Life is not always on one lane neither is it always on the bed.


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