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How Police Nabbed Notorious Armed Robbers in Zamfara- CP

In the last Press Conference of 22nd July, 2019, we highlighted some of the steps that we have taken to ensure an enduring peace in Zamfara State. It is important to note that, almost all captives that were deprived of their freedom for the past 7 – 8 months have regained their right to move freely through the current peace and reconciliation initiative.

The way forward to achieve peace in the state was divided into three phases. The first phase was that of ensuring all captives are released unconditionally. I need not to go back to the number of captives that were rescued but to highlight that, the second phase was to build mutual trust, understanding and all forms of suspicion arising from peace and reconciliation.

That trust we built have started to bring positive result, because the bandits have so much trust in the process and are now becoming our eye and ear in the forest. They are ready to take on anybody among their kinsmen who is not ready to toy the line of peace as contemplated by the Inspector-General of Police and the Zamfara State Government.

Instances are abound where the bandits killed some recalcitrant among them, recovered their rifles and handed over to the Commissioner of Police. For instance on 25th July, 2019, an AK-47 rifle with Breech No. 701883/1988 with 4 rounds of live ammunition was brought to the Commissioner of Police by one of the elders in one of the district in Maru LGA after they have silenced the recalcitrant bandit.

If not for the intervention of this elder by meeting force with force, the bandit could have robbed unsuspecting victims whose outcome and repercussion can not be predicted.

On 19th August, 2019, an AK-47 rifle with Breech No. 56/1210035/00 was also recovered from another strong headed armed bandit. He has since paid for the crime he intended to commit. It is important to stress here that the closest relation of his were the foot soldiers of the peace and reconciliation in Zamfara.

Similarly, on 26th August, 2019, another AK-47 rifle with Breech No. 0701421 was also recovered by one of the bandits in Birnin Magaji from one of his boys who strayed to go and rustle cow using the same AK-47 to carry out the act but was arrested by the master himself and the AK-47 has since been handed over to the Commissioner of Police.

By implication, the bandits are now fighting their people who are not ready to follow the path of peace who are still an endanger species and who continue to be stumbling block to the already well received peace in the state.

The third phase which is that of disarmament is going to be tedious and challenging but by the grace of God we will get there. So far, only two rifles were surrendered by one of the bandits. The reason for this is not farfetched.

The bandits themselves are having serious issues among different groups looking for power and supremacy in the bush and other estercodes associated with the status of being a leader.

My assessment, after intensive interview with the bandits was that, they want to surrender the arms but they need to reconcile their differences. We have entered into the arena to act as an arbiter between the warring factions to achieve the desired result.

The good news is that they have stopped buying weapons of whatever calibers. So the influx of weapons in the state has stopped. All we need to do is to succeed in disarming the current one in the state.

However, the peace in Zamfara has not diverted our attention as to ignore other heinous crime in the urban areas.

To this end the Command has made a breakthrough in the arrest and recovery of the following suspects and exhibits.

1. Mohammed Musa a.k.a Gambo ‘M’
2. Shafi’u Hassan ‘M’
3. Safiyanu Sanusi ‘M’
4. Hussaini Musa ‘M’
5. Abdullahi Umar ‘M’ (Informant)
1. AK-47 rifle with Breech No. 410267
2. Two (2) magazines loaded with 15 rounds of live ammunition
3. Techno T61 handset

On 10th August, 2019 a report was received that a rifle with Breech No. 410267 with two (2) magazines loaded with 16 rounds of live ammunition, three handsets and the sum of twenty eight thousand naira (#28,000) belonging to one Madugu Umar ‘M’ an operative of the Nigeria Custom Service were stolen inside his room at the Custom Barrack. The same rifle was used to commit an armed robbery at Rock Church Hayin Buba area, Gusau on 16th August, 2019. On the receipt of this information, investigation commenced immediately. Earlier, the rifle used in committing the robbery was abandoned at the Church due to a serious struggle with the security guard and on sensing the eminent arrival of the Police, after an alarm was raised. The suspect Mohammed Musa a.k.a Gambo while struggling to escape was shouting, requesting the help of his accomplices. With this information, investigation commenced and the suspects were tracked through one of the stolen phone and the Police arrested all the suspects in Sabon gari Zaria Kaduna State on 23rd August, 2019. The suspects while undergoing interrogation confessed the various roles they played in committing the crime and further indicted one Abdullahi Umar ‘M’ of opposite Custom Barrack area Gusau as their informant who informed them about the house of the custom officer. The informant was equally arrested by the Police. All the suspects will be charged to Court as soon as investigation is concluded.

Finally, I urge the good people of Zamfara State to continue to cooperate with the Police and other security agencies in our effort to sustain the ongoing peace and reconciliation initiative that has yielded tremendous positive result. I also commend the press for continuing to partner with the Nigeria Police to get the state free of all forms of criminality. Thank you for listening.

CP Usman Nagogo
Zamfara Commiseioner of Police