1. IGP Suleiman Abba, CFR, NPOM, NPM, mni, do not forget that you yourself as a product of a highly corrupted police organisation. And ever since you took over the mantel or overall head of the whole police establishmnet, you have not pay salary as to when due and still owing your officers across the country, and besides, there are a serious acute of shortages of accommodations problems still revaging the entire police barracks and sanitations situations are very ever so bad and appalling. Also, there are this ‘monthly returns’ that is so deeply rifes inside the entire police force by remitting of monthly returns from bottom of the pile to DPO levels and onto state police commissioners levels and to states zone AIG levels and all does landed on your table with ‘monthly corruption monies Returns’ from each state, and the budget allocations that are given to each states and returns back to your office by ecah commissioners again as this ‘returns’. So, a lot of police officers are even engaging in as debts collectors, tenant evictions bailiffs and frivolous excuses to make arrest, collects money from complainants and criminal offenders, for all to generating these high stakes monies just in order to meeting up with the abnoxious ‘Monthly corrupts money returns’ to your table in Abuja. Any police locations from each states of federation that does not make up adequate ‘money returns’ will be transfer as a way of inflicting punishment as a lesson yard stick. In addition, policemen buy their own uniforms and even pay for the buying of petrol to fuels the patrol vehicles. The situation has reach to a point that police officers up and down the country always struggling and bribing their bosses to be transfer to another towns and cities where bribery monies can be made daily and much easier. In addition, Islamic religion is the most uppermost agenda for promotions to the next rank. That is why even some police officers are now members of a highly organised criminals, kinappers, ‘young girls organised prostitution runs,’ cities and vicious gangs groups, and a few corrupts minded politicians just for these lower ranks police officers to be able to feed themselves and their families. Therefore, IGP Suliaman Abba, you are now claiming for a better security during elections for free election hitches is one of your biggest jokes, but to even say this here of all the least of other sham image of the police. I will urged the government (Do Nigerians have a government, is it Jonathan? forget it) and electroral Commission to draw up their own security plans before it is too late, but relying on Nigeria police is like relying on ‘Boko Haram secs’ to provides much needed security to all Nigerians during elections Di day. After all recruitments into the police force now costs N600,000-(Six hundred thousands naira) this days, becuase IGP is also having his own cuts of the “pie” from all police’s colleges in up and down the whole country of Nigeria.


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