CHIEF OF DEFENCE STAFF 4MAILThe Nigerian military has completely disassociated itself from the report of Amnesty International which claims that some civilians died in a detention cell at Giwa Barracks. The accusation comes as a surprise and shock because the organisation has accessed the facilities and made recommendations which were implemented.
It is rather unfortunate that an organization of higher repute such as Amnesty International could come around to release a report which is completely baseless, unfounded and source-less with the intent of denting the image of the Nigerian Armed Forces. We will not be deterred by this report, but would remain committed to the task we have started against the Boko Haram terrorists until they are annihilated.
We are calling on all well meaning Nigerians and International Communities to discountenance this report as it has no iota of truth. The Nigerian Armed Forces uphold the tenets of observance of human right and dignity of lives of innocent individuals as enshrined in the Conventions and Charters of the United Nation which Nigeria is a signatory. This one sided report is defective in all intent and purpose and does not portray the sincerity of Amnesty International as well as  reflecting the true situation in Giwa Barracks now.
Brigadier General Rabe Abubakar
Acting Director Defence Information
PRNigeria encourages institutions to be transparent in their information management as it provides news items from authoritative sources for free use by the media


  1. Let nigerians know that ‘human right abuse’ is the order of the day in the country. It ramifies through all aspects of social lives like denier and deprivation of liberty, in any disguise by the people in power, either through government agents or paid carrier, non payment of workers salaries, as at when due, intimmidation and black mailing a fellow human been, slying and name calling to achieve political ends, harassment of fellow human being, disobeying court order on frivolous excuses and any act inimical to laws and upholding the constitution of the land, including lying and manipulation of the populace, are tantamont to violation of human right.


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