Swisstrade Spends over N500mn on CSR in Nigeria 
Swisstrade Securities Nigeria Limited, the leading manufacturer of armoured security doors  has spent over N500mn on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Nigeria.
The Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of the company, Dr Mike Ezeaju stated this at a media chat in Lagos.
Dr. Ezeaju said that his company
engaged corporate social responsibility to impact meaningfully to the growth of the Nigerian economy and enhance the wellbeing of its citizens.
He said “some of the projects include the constructiin of 3.7 kilometers of nylon-tarred, high quality road at the cost of three hundred and sixty eight million naira (N368,000,000) in Awgbu Anambra State.
“We also constructed ultra modern, very large school buildings, and have thus far awarded scholarships to 63 students.
“In Lagos too, we are collaborating with the local police to refurbish a divisional office and fix many of their operational vehicles.”
Answering a question as to relevance of spending so much amount of money on a stretch of road, Dr Ezeaju said “the roads were so bad that market women and men fall short of bringing their products to market for sale.
“All the farmers find it difficult to bring their produce to market for sale. By fixing the road, the economy of the benefitting localities, the state and by extension that of Nigeria are being lifted.”
Regarding Swisstrade’s overall impact on the economy, the Chairman said that their main positive impact “is on the labour industry and the environment. We promote  cleanliness and total friendliness of environment. We employ hundreds of staff and all our staff are tax-abiding, just like the company we run.
“Unlike others, we do not regard Nigeria as a dumping ground by bringing in sub-standard products. Swisstrade is the world’s number one armoured Steel Security door company with an eye on quality.
“Our giant leap to the top in armoured steel door manufacturing became an immediate success with great satisfaction from the public and consumers alike, who having studied the foundational and operational principle of the company, vouched for its ability to assess the needs of the market and its capacity to produce doors of the highest quality in accordance with international standards.”


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