Awaiting Trial inmate inmates in Prison
Awaiting Trial inmate in Prison
Benue Chief Judge Grants Bail to 16 Prison Inmates 
The Hon. Chief Judge of Benue State, Hon. Justice Adam Ochume Onum on 3th May, 2018 has granted bail to 15 and discharged 1 awaiting trial inmates of Medium Security Prison(MSP), Makurdi.
This was during his last lap of jail delivery exercise  that started with the Medium Security Prison, Makurdi on the 19th April 2018 and also ended with it today after going round to other Prisons in the command.
It took the CJ two days to review the cases in MSP due to the population of the awaiting trial inmates there.
In his speech after the conclusion of the exercise, the CJ instructed the Judges, Magistrates etc. to expedite action in making sure that cases are dispensed off as soon as possible. He told the Judges,Magistrates, etc. to grant bail to any case that the prosecutors were not serious  as that would help in Prison decongestion.
The Controller of Prisons Benue State Command, Mr Peter Pevigo when interviewed thanked the CJ Benue for granting his request of conducting jail delivery in the state.
He however, said he was not fully happy that many inmates did not benefit from the exercise due to the nature of their cases:armed rubbery, culpable homicide etc.. He promised that before the end of the year, he would again call on the chief Judge to still carry out another exercise .
Nwanchor Stephen (ASP), PRO Benue State Command,
Nigerian Prisons Service.


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