President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

FG Inaugurates 5 Governing Board of Health Regulatory council
The Federal Government has inaugurated the five Governing Boards of Health Professional Regulatory Councils/Boards under Supervision of the Federal Ministry Health(FMOH), namely Community Health Practitioners Registration Board of Nigeria(CHPRBN),Health Records Officers Registration Board of Nigeria(HRORBN),Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN), Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Reg) Board of Nigeria (MRTBN and Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians Registration Board of Nigeria(ODORBN).

Speaking recently, in Abuja, the Permanent Secretary, FMOH, Mr. Abdulaziz Mashi Abdullahi, noted there is need to improve collaboration amongst health professional, and it would require the strong determination of all stakeholders to achieve this, we will however continue to do our best to create an enabling environment, for effective and efficient performance that would guarantee overall success in achieving the mission and vision of FMOH’’

Mr. Abdullahi informed that ‘’ it is important for you all to be clear from the onset as to your roles as Chairmen and Members of these Governing Boards. This is clearly and adequately defined by the laws, rules policies and guidelines enunciated in the Acts setting up these councils/ Boards’’

He further said that ‘’ copies of this Acts will be made available to each and every one of you as a guide and companion towards achieving your assigned is important to emphasize that you should not be involved in the day-to –day ruining of the Regulatory Councils/Boards. This function resides with Registrars/CEOs’’, he added.

He emphasised that ‘’ the Governing Boards should exercise oversight functions over the Management, to ensure the smooth implementation of Government Policies ,the effective and efficient utilization / management of resources ,the adherence to extant laws and accountability’’.

The Perm .Sec pointed out that ‘’it is important ,that you familiarize yourself with the Public Service Rules (PSR), Procurement Act, Fiscal Responsibility Act amongst others, so that your actions will be accordance with the law of the Federation. You should follow Due process in all that you do’’, he added.

To this end, the Perm .Sec stressed that there was need for efficient management of scarce resources. He also charged Members towards strengthening the resources base of your respective regulatory Boards/Councils, by increasing Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

In his welcome address ,the Director, Department of Hospital Services, FMOH, Dr. Joseph Amedu, said ‘’ the roles you are being called upon to play as Chairmen and Members of the Governing Boards involves setting the standards of discipline and practice ,training and acquisition of professional skills ,which are the core elements required in the health sector’’

He added that ‘’ as stakeholders in the health sector, our mandate is to improve the health status of Nigerians ,and therefore needs tireless, endless sacrifices and commitment to keep doing the right things to achieve our goal. This may sometimes entails leaving our comfort zones as leaders, constantly reviewing our methodologies and living up to our responsibilities’’, Dr. Amedu said.

Responding on behalf of the Chairmen and Members of the Governing Boards/Councils, the Chairman, Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, Prof. Mohammed Yelwa Gwarzo, pledged that the members were committed to the task ahead and would deliver on their mandate

Mrs. Boade Akinola

Director, Media and PR


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