1. Well stated, Yushau.
    I am not Igbo, not Yoruba nor Hausa. I am a Nigerian who does not wish to be identified first by his tribe.
    I have been everywhere in this country called Nigeria, and have been blessed with the opportunity to interact with myriad of people from different tribes within its great federations. I know exactly how big and blessed this country could be if only in dealing with one another at corporate levels we put aside such negative and dishonest motives that tend to separate us and deny us the achievement of the status of true nation state.
    It is pertinent that I should ask you just one question, brother Yushau. Why is corporate Nigeria so impossible to unite and made progress of? Find the answers to that question, and you’d discover the reasons behind inherent troubles such as militancy, perpetual political crisis, ethnic intolerance, Biafra, Boko Haram, menace of cattle herders, Nigeria’s economic backwardness, gross levels of corruption and inefficiency in the handling of government business at all levels, as well as cases of unending social upheavals we have been experiencing since 1996.
    I am convinced that with one fell swoop these problems that have consistently undermined Nigeria’s wellbeing could disappear, if we find and treat the causes that trigger them.
    Do not be deceived, the disease Nigeria suffers require surgery not palliatives, and only those who are free from narrow, dated and tainted political/economic ambitions are expected to rise up above the ordinary and do the needful to save Nigeria. If we do not take the necessary steps to heal our land, agitations will continue on grander scales until we all come to an agreement to split and go our separate ways without shedding a drop of blood. We are more than ever closer to that point…


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