Memo to Kebbi State Governor on State of the State

Dear Governor Bagudu,

I write you this as a patriotic citizen of the country and concerned indigene of the state to make positive and useful contributions to the advancement and progress of some key areas in our dear state. I’m optimistic that with the help of media, my notes will get to your honorable destination.

Reelection is a grace from the Supreme being through the electorate to ponder over past infractions and rectify them for good and I believe, the past four years have provided you with enough experience needed to man the appears of the Land of Equity.

To begin with, I commend you for the recent recruitment of teachers in the state, it’s the first step in saving the life of dying hungry fowl, however, there’s much to give than single cockroach.

The recent news from Federal Polytechnic Birnin Kebbi of blocked Kebbi Students numbering to 7000 from writing exams due to nonpayment of registration fees by the State Government is worrisome and is a major setback to our quest for improved literacy level of our state. Majority of the students are children of the poor masses who may hardly make their ends meet but chose never to live without formal education. Years ago, during the reigns of former governors Dakin Gari and Aleiru, the State never relent on sponsoring youths to Tertiary Institutions at home and abroad and giving them grants to subdue their studies.

A recent Premium Times report of states with the highest number of out of school children quoted UNICEF placing Kebbi as seventh of the 36 states and FCT with the highest number of out of school children, this can be curbed by revitalisation of Nizamiyya schools that give both western and Islamic Education. Meanwhile, for the past four years, Kebbi has seemingly sat comfortably at the rear end of WAEC and NECO rankings.

Education is the key to the future, for every administration that wants to leave any legacy, education is the best. The state needs to use funds meant for education efficiently and effectively. Appointments into the sector should be on merit and not to compensate political supporters. There’s need to direct funds to sponsorships, scholarships and motivation and welfare of teachers. With proper training of teachers, our public school students will compete with those of private schools in a short time.

Though you are yet to nominate your “next level” cabinet, I appeal to you to examine your nominees cleverly with foresight and consider youths for juicy appointments, they constitute the majority of those who spoke with their votes to elect you. Our people often say; ” a child who washed his hands can dine with kings and queens”.

My governor, I’m one of the millions much concerned about recent changes days after your second term inauguration, I have admired your system of leadership previously and loved your balanced way of appointing members of your cabinet and giving equal opportunities to all in the state in the last tenure.

Your recent absence at all the events of Zuru Cultural Festival and preference to swear in someone from your emirate as substantive Chief Judge of the state is a threat to long term unity and mutualism the state has been known for.

The mantle of leadership as you are aware is a responsibility, I advise you to accommodate everyone in the state and initiate good policies that will favor everyone. It is a huge task but endeavour to carry everyone along.
There’s much to do in leading a diverse state as ours, leaders become great and influential when they are able to unite and solve inherited problems. All animals should be equal in the Land of Equity.

I should not end this memo without reminding you of your promise to reconstruct Dabai-Mahuta-Koko and to tar Mahuta township roads. These roads, if rehabilitated will boost supply of agricultural commodities throughout the state.

I pray may the good Lord provide you with extra health and wisdom to continue stirring our state.

Habibu Bawa
Writer, Student-Journalist
Fakai, Kebbi State.
[email protected]


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