1. The Federal government should also look into what is going on at the state level with a view to ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Federal character decree.

  2. Federal Character. Hmmm. I thought it was time Nigeria does away with this Federal Character thing. Let us find another way to sort this issue that has become the biggest source of discouragement some Nigerians. I must confess that ad a result of this no lo,ger necessary policy, I had often times felt discouraged from being patriotic to the Nigerian cause. I think those whom we all claimed were “marginalised” have today “caught up” with other fellow Nigerians. We are now over flogging the issue and many Nigerians are beginning to feel helpless and bitter as they see the programme as a deliberate attempt to deny them access to equal citizenship. It is one good reason for emigration of Nigerians from a part of the country to other countries of the world. The time would come soon when the fault lines caused by the Federal Character policy would begin to threaten the cohesion and existence of Nigeria. It is no longer tenable to keep operating this policy…


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